* o poema abaixo foi encontrado em um diário meu de mais de 3  invernos atrás. Optei por não revisá-lo e manter os erros originais porque respeito as minhas fases, por mais patéticas que elas tenham sido no passado.


The palid darkness surrounding
we both in a little breeze of lightstanding
Little by little we’re one another killing
And, silently, the bleak rest of our love is dying

Just the tears and screams ‘rounding’
All the hope, dreams and plans ending
No more blanks to fill and no feeling
it just had enough tears for crying

No breath for walking together
And no faith for hand in hand
The wishes… are just like wishes… as wishes are wishes
Dreams are for sleepers

Once upon a time there were dreams
That just the time (alone) vanishes
No more fears or aches, just the end, madams
Because no secret known by two exists.